Wellness Workshops

Workplace Wellness workshops are an effective tool for supporting the managing wellness and preventing absenteeism in the workplace. They engage with workers in a group with an occupational health professional.  They are short and cost effective for improving overall awareness and knowledge of work related health challenges.  Our wellness workshops are not unit standard based and do not require assessment.  

These workshops are also a great way to increase worker engagement in health and safety. 


Our workshops can be one off or delivered on regular basis over a longer period.  We will look at company trend and look at the programmes that will best suit your workplace. Our workshops include a range of 1 hour education programmes such as:

Please note that we are adding new workshop options all the time. These will be delivered on your site with your team.

There are a number of online options coming soon.


Approximately 1 hour 


Minimum of 8 workers per workshop

Workshop costs

Start from as little as $20+ gst per person