"A mentally healthy workplace is an important contributor to businesses being able to attract and retain the best staff."  Heads up Initiative, Employer of Choice Study

71% of Australian employees say a mentally health workplace is important when looking for a job in the future. 

Most people are reluctant to let others know when they are experiencing mental or emotional distress, especially in the workplace.  This often results in feelings of isolation which, in turn, leads to more and more distress and an inevitable impact on doing effective work.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training is a simple, effective strategy that workplaces can implement to improve understanding of mental distress and equip people with knowledge and practical tools to use. 

In the same way that Workplace First Aid Training gives participants the basic knowledge and skills to respond to a physical emergency, Mental Health First Aid training gives participants the basic knowledge and skills needed to respond appropriately to a person who may be experiencing emotional distress.

Mental Health First Aid

In this one-day course participants will gain:

+         Skills to recognise mental distress

+         Confidence to provide initial help and guide a person to professional help

+         Certificate of Completion

Practical scenario-based activities allow participants to experience and practice identifying, approaching, listening and managing typical workplace situations.  By the end of the course each person will have gained practical tools and knowledge to apply in their working and personal lives. 

Topics covered include:

+         The role of the mental health first aider

+         Understand symptoms and effects of mental or emotional distress – what to look for

+         Providing help to a person experiencing a mental health event 

+         Listening skills, appropriate approaches and phrases, communicating with empathy

+         Help agencies; when and how to get immediate help

+         Other help and support available

+         MHFA can take a toll on you; what the Mental Health First Aider can do to take care of himself or herself