Well-being Programmes

Solutions for the mental and physical well-being of your team

Well-being programmes can have a very positive impact on overall team culture and productivity. With the increasing demand for quality in the workplace pressure and stress become a common factor in many workers lives. If these are not managed there is the risk of creating a more difficult working environment and the moods of the workers and impacting the bottom-line.

Well Worker HQ Well-being Programmes consist of our Healthy Body & Work-Life Balance Wellness Programmes. Our range of well-being options will provide your workers with a general health assessment reviewing any risks that may be present, with the options of also  while looking at lifestyle, exercise and nutrition and other common causes of stress.

Workplace Well-being programmes are an effective tool for managing well-being and burnout and preventing absenteeism in the workplace particularly in stressful work environments.

Employees with a high level of well-being and life balance

What does a workplace well-being programme look like?

A well-being programme can be many things, not just a fitness program or a health promotion programme. It can be tailored to your individual company's needs. It is about demonstrating that your company is interested in its employee's health and safety and in the prevention of illness.

The rising disability injury/illness costs and company trends in poor health, such as reoccurring back, knee and shoulder injuries along with colds, flu, bronchitis etc. are reduced as a culture is created in which employees are empowered to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.

Well-being programmes are 100% customisable within an organisation and for an individual.  The following options are programmes that offer a different focus, but with the overall outcome of improving overall worker health. 


Healthy Body Wellness Programme

To prevent or manage the risk of lifestyle-related health conditions or to improve well-being within the workforce.

This is an individual one-on-one programme


Well-being Workshops

To prevent or manage the risk of lifestyle-related health conditions or to improve well-being within the workforce.

Workplace Well-being workshops are an effective tool for supporting the managing and preventing absenteeism in the workplace. Occupational health professionals  engage with workers in a group in a cost effective manner to assist companies in improving overall awareness and knowledge of work related health challenges.  Our well-being workshops are not unit standard based and do not require assessment.  

These workshops are also a great way to increase worker engagement in health and safety. 

Topics include a range of education programmes such as:

Please note that we are adding new workshop options all the time. These will be delivered on your site with your team.


From 3 hours to 8 hours as required


Minimum fee for 10 participants per workshop

Workshop costs

Start from as little as $50 + GST per person

This programme is very flexible. There are individual sessions face to face and there are options of toolbox style workshops that can be delivered to a group of workers.

Our well-being programmes are highly beneficial to your workers and your business and will provide greater results in the workplace with the assurance that your employees are healthy in body and mind. For further information on our well-being programmes  Contact us today.