Health Monitoring

The best tool to measure and manage work-related health risks

This is a new focus for the health of New Zealand workers. Health monitoring will enable you to detect the affect of the risks in your work environment, protect your team and effectively manage the required changes within your environment, which can be costly to any organisation.

You will have work related health risk if you have one of the following

Health monitoring is critical to meet an organisation's obligations under the HSWA (2015) to manage the risk of work related health. You can find our more about this with the WorkSafe Health Monitoring Fact Sheet.

WorkSafe are focused on improving the statistics in New Zealand for work-related health illnesses with as many as 900 deaths per year compared to 100 deaths from injury and accident in the workplace. You can find out more about the work-related health strategy here.

How it works

The first health test will establish a baseline and subsequent tests are then measured against that to detect any changes. Where a pre-employment medical has been completed, these results form the baseline for ongoing health monitoring. Health monitoring is designed to suit your requirements. This can be a full and comprehensive test or testing one key risks like lungs or hearing.

The testing undertaken can include 

We can also include:

Monitoring is usually carried out annually.  The tests carried out  are based on the risk(s) workers are exposed to in their work environment e.g. noise, irritant dusts, vapours and gases.

Information relating to exposure (including signs and symptoms of exposure) along with the work and medical history of each individual will be recorded and collated by our specialist team and reports will be provided. These report will help you to more effectively manage the work related health risks in your business and to meet the regulatory requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. 

Well Worker HQ have a robust health management system in place to manage your organisation’s data over the long term.  This means that:

It also means that we will be able to compare data between sites and even departments or teams.  This will help you identify any risks quickly and to improve systems across your business.

How often should you monitor work related health?

The greater the work-related health risk to your team and the cycle of the monitoring established within your organisation policies. The minimum recommendation is for an annual health check.  The more frequent the testing the greater the opportunity to manage any risks as they appear. 

Other benefits

Our team can skilfully move through the practical side of the health checks while at the same time gaining important information through conversing with your workers.  We also collect important information regarding the culture and risks in your organisation which are outlined in our reports back to you, while maintaining confidentiality of the workers themselves.  This means you can then target the areas your workers see as important and it will give you  insight to improve aspects of efficiency and risk, leading to improvements productivity.    

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