Flu Vaccinations

Take the right step, get your workers immunized

Immunisation is the best practice in order to reduce sickness within the workplace and reduce absenteeism which will save your business time and money. Well Worker HQ provides workplace vaccinators who can come onto your premises to administer the vaccine for your staff with minimal interruption to your productivity.


How it works

Within the comfort of your work environment In an informed consent environment, an educational session is provided for your workers to discuss the flu vaccine, cause and effect and alternative choices prior to vaccination. Our team are qualified and have emergency equipment available. We also offer 24 hour support following vaccination. 


For over 25 workers

$27.00 + GST per person

For under 25 workers

Contact us to arrange flu vaccination vouchers for your staff in most locations throughout New Zealand.   

$32.50 + GST per person

For locations to redeem vouchers please click here. 

Flu Facts

This service will be coming to Well Worker HQ soon. For more information Contact us today.