Drug Testing

Keep your workers in a safe environment

The risk of workers using drugs while in the workplace holds a significant element of danger to other workers due to poor concentration, poor judgement & carelessness.  The use of drugs does not just affect work performance as well as productivity but also gives a higher chance of injury, fatalities and absence from work.

It is in the best interest as an employer to proactively set policies and processes to prevent and protect workers from the use of drugs in the workplace which will effectively minimise any risks.


How it works

Well Worker HQ offers instant on-site workplace drug testing that detect the use of amphetamines, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine and opiates. We test urine samples on-site or at our clinics or send samples away for further analysis at the ESR (Environmental Services Research). 

Types of testing

National Survey of occupational substance abuse

Occupations Percentage
Food service or food preparation workers 17.4%
Construction Workers 15.1%
Workers in entertainment, sports, design and arts 12.4%
Workers in sales 9.6%
Repair, installation and maintenance workers 9.5%
Workers in the forestry, fishing or farming sectors 9.6%
Workers in the transportation and shipping sector 8.4%
Building maintenance personnel 8.2%
Personal service workers 7.7%
Office or administrative 7.5%

Source for statistics: http://www.choosehelp.com/topics/recovery/occupations-with-highest-rates-of-substance-abuse


Where possible, employers should work proactively with employees on policies and processes relating to the management of the effects of alcohol and drugs in the workplace. The aim of the alcohol and drugs policy should be prevention, education, training and rehabilitation. For more information Contact us today