Our Vision

Making a difference in the health of New Zealand workers and improving outcomes for business

Work related health is a current focus for NZ business, and in line with Worksafe’s vision to ensure that “Everyone who goes to work comes home healthy and safe”, we partner with you to provide health and wellness solutions for your workplace, with real outcomes for workers and measureable outcomes for business.

Work-related health and wellness services and training solutions offered by Well Worker HQ recognise the two-way relationship between the effects of work on health, and the effects of health on work.

Utilising specialist equipment, a robust software programme and fully qualified team, we provide a full range of work-related health services, with reports tailored to meet your requirements.

From our head office in Hamilton and network of providers throughout New Zealand we provide high quality and cost effective work-related (occupational) health solutions including pre-employment medical checks, health monitoring, exit medicals, ergonomic workstation assessments, wellness programmes, return to work programmes and a range of workplace mental wellness solutions. 

Our services can be delivered on-site at your workplace and tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, keeping your employees fit, healthy and safe, and performing well  for you whilst in work.