Leading Work-Related Health Solutions in New Zealand

The work related health and wellbeing services and training solutions offered by Well Worker HQ are designed to minimize specific work related health risks in your work place and a better outcome for everyone involved.

More businesses are recognising the importance of Work Related Health Risk Management and knowing that improvements are required. Well Worker HQ is here to assist you with making a positive change in your business.

If your organisation is serious about improving the well-being and health of your workers, you will do much more than meet legislative requirements and reduce injuries and accidents.

An ongoing focus on health and well-being at work and regular training for your staff is also likely to boost morale. It can affect the ability of workers to make good decisions, improve team dynamics, prevent burnout, and result in better outcomes across the board.

Well Worker HQ offers a full range of services around health monitoring and training and we are keen to partner with you to improve your workplace occupational health needs.

Services we provide

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Protecting workers and minimising the effects of health risks in the workplace is a important part of meeting obligations under legislation, but more importantly creating an environment that will increase worker overall well-being and your profitability. There are many strategies that our experienced team at Well Worker HQ can help you with that are tailored to your work environment, no matter how varied the requirements.

Why Well Worker HQ

Occupational health in New Zealand is changing fast.  Businesses need to have responsiveness and the ability to offer the full range of work-related health services.  Well Worker HQ has been set up with the scale required to achieve this for our customers.

Well Worker HQ supports this with the scale and flexibility to create tailored occupational health solutions across organisations and  businesses,  small or large, over  multiple locations, branches, departments and roles. We are committed to providing transparency, accessibility and reporting that supports the management of risk.

Well Worker HQ is 100% NZ owned and operated!