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Pre Employment

To establish suitability for a role and ensure that the person you are hiring is fit to perform the tasks without putting themselves or others at risk

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Health Monitoring

Annual monitoring includes hearing, vision and lung function, blood pressure and cholesterol, glucose, diet & more

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Ensuring your workers are informed about their workplace health and safety hazards and have a plan in place for their personal health and wellness

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Get geared up with our industry based programs. Well Worker HQ provides a full range of industry-related health and safety training courses.

Work-related health, wellness and occupational health services 

Well Worker HQ provides health and wellness solutions for your workplace making a difference for workers and  providing measurable outcomes for business 

A health-conscious team of people who are in good shape and capable of managing work-related pressure means lower absentee records and higher efficiency in the workplace. It improves productivity and results in better job satisfaction.  

If it’s important to demonstrate that your business takes its workers’ health and safety and the prevention of illness seriously, you have found the right starting point. Well Worker HQ are leading providers of work-related occupational health and well-being programmes, training, and specialised health monitoring services and pre-employment medicals.

Well Worker HQ has qualified and experienced team of occupational health professionals to provide occupational health and wellness services in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, with clinics in each of these areas and service delivery locations across New Zealand